Reviews: Puzzle Quest

A masterpiece, A dud, and And one that goes Column A/Column B

There are three games in the Puzzle Quest series - not counting the X Box Live only expansion, Revenge Of The Plague Lords.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords

All the addictiveness of Bejeweled with RPG elements thrown in. The first and best of the series - even if The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard factor is highest here. With four classes and multiple mix-and-match spells and forgable items, replay value is through the roof. The main complaint (outside of the aforementioned Cheating Bastard) is that gaining the higher level spells, forged items, and mounts are pretty much Luck Based Missions. 8.5/10

Puzzle Quest: Galaxtrix

Puzzle Quest IN SPACE!. The switch from the Bejeweled-like game mechanic to the multi-directional Hexic style game board adds a welcome layer of strategy to the game. And the storyline is far more straightforward and dark than Warlords and the graphics are tighter (if a bit dark). Unfortunately, they squandered the improvements. The game makes you slog through the Gate Hacking mini-game far too much (and pads out the game with mini games in general), the various side missions (with the exception of the Psi Powers quest have absolutely no impact on the game or even your party (all your party members join up in storyline events), and the lack of classes reduces Story Mode's replay value to nil. So much potential squandered. 6/10

Puzzle Kingdoms

Part sequel, part reboot, Kingdoms takes place in a remixed version of the Warlords world. Gameplay now more resembles Chuzzle without the wrap-around effect, and with Fire Emblem-style troop and resource management. The troop element adds a layer of strategy absent from the previous games (Where it was a matter of loading up with the strongest attack spells you can hold). The Story Mode is solid... except for the mother of all Anti-Climaxes towards the end game, and shares much of Galactrix's lack of replay value. But Quick Battle mode makes up for it (though the built-in randomness makes things far too luck-based). This could've been right up there with Warlords with some tweaking. 7/10