Reviews: Princess Maker

Good, but surprisingly tough. (for PM2)

(Obligatory Piracy Disclaimer: I downloaded this game for free on the Internet, but what the hell, it's not as if anyone's gonna release the rest of this series in the West anytime soon. Also, this game was made by GAINAX, the same folks behind the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, which says...something, I guess.) Basically, this game is a weird simulation where you raise a young girl from a child to an adult. It's one of those "vaguely-European/Medieval/RPG-like" settings, so there's queens and kings and HP points and whatnot. It's pretty hard, much more than you'd expect, since your daughter tends to be rebellious and refuses to do work, you run out of money VERY fast, etc. It's a decently fun game, but be prepared to yell "FOR GOD'S SAKE DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB ALREADY!" at your screen and see your daughter die. A LOT.