Reviews: Noitu Love

Not Worth Your Time, Not Worth Your Money

Noitu Love 2 Devolution is a retro side-scroller beat-em-up game with Metal Slug-esque graphics. Unfortunately, the game is both incredibly simple and incredibly easy, and not worth your time.


The game’s story makes no sense; it involves some bizarre time-travel plot which isn’t really time travel… it doesn’t really make any sense, but it doesn’t need to and really isn’t supposed to.


The gameplay is very simple and is at the heart of the game, but unfortunately is also terrible. You control an on-screen reticle with your mouse, and by clicking, you attack to that spot, if there is an enemy highlighted. You can also hold down your mouse button for a charge shot, jump, move side-to-side, or do a dash attack or spinning jump attack. In the end, while these attacks are theoretically meaningful, most of the time you’re just running to the right, frequently using dash attacks to get through the stages faster to fight the bosses… where, mostly, you just wait to do your thing, or sometimes just straight up attack them as fast as possible, depending on the boss. Many of the bosses don’t require any strategy, while others require a little strategy but not very much. Ultimately the gameplay is very unsatisfying, and there is very little “meat” to it – the game requires very little strategy and very large amounts of mindless clicking. There is some enemy variety, but most of it is fairly meaningless as strategy has little meaning with the game’s control scheme, and most of the ordinary enemies are both trivial and easily bypassed. Even the bosses mostly are not very interesting, with only a very small number requiring any sort of real strategy. On the whole, the game feels far too simple and straightforward, like you are only there to click to attack a large number of times.


The game does a fine job of emulating the era it is trying to emulate; it isn’t particularly beautiful, but it isn’t ugly either, and it is significantly better than a lot of the 8-bit pseudo-retro graphics indie games floating around the market.

Final Summary

Noitu Love 2 Devolution is not worth your money, but more importantly, it isn’t worth your time. You will derive more satisfaction out of doing most anything else.