Reviews: Mega Man Starforce

Anime Review. Possible Spoilers

I remember seeing this anime when it first aired on Cartoon Network. At the time, I wasn't really interested in it, so I didn't watch it. But after seeing a few videos of the game on Youtube, I decided to watch both seasons. And honestly, it's better than I expected. I prefer NT Warrior more, but this is okay.

Season 1 was pretty good. There was plenty of action and it had some lighthearted moments to balance it out, especially with the FMians, who are quite the Quirky Miniboss Squad. The animation used for the EM waves was quite beautiful to look at. There are just two problems with the season:

  • The large amount of filler episodes in the latter half of the season. There were so many that I actually skipped episodes 34-49 to get to episode 50, where the show really got interesting.
  • Luna, Bud, and Zack take up too much screentime and are completely useless, only serving as bystanders to be rescued. They also come off as a tad annoying, Luna in particular.

Season 2 was a much better improvement over season 1. There was more action, less filler episodes, and Luna, Bud, and Zack aren't as prominent in this season and whenever they do show up, they're not as annoying and prove to be useful at the end. Also, Solo/Rouge is much more likable in the anime than he is in the game, being a Well-Intentioned Extremist rather than a blatant Jerkass and Shadow the Hedgehog wannabe.

Despite this, it still trips up at the finish line with Le Mu. Hey writers, here's a bit of advice: If you're gonna hype up this all-powerful god as the Final Boss, MAKE SURE THE HERO ACTUALLY FIGHTS HIM! Seriously, an actual fight between Tribe King Mega Man and Le Mu would have been epic! But what do we get instead? Le Mu makes a short appearance before Geo blasts him through the gate. It's a waste of a character and a waste of your audience's time.

Overall, flaws aside, this is a fun anime and worth a watch if you're curious. Though I recommend watching the Japanese version as the dub... is rather cheesy. The only good English voice was Omega-Xis's voice.


These games are not as bad as people say they are. I've played all three and they are a heck of a lot of fun and has a really good story to it.