Reviews: Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dissidia: awesomely fun, but very demanding.

Basically, Dissidia is three games.

First, like Kingdom Hearts, it's a fun game that unites a whole lot of unrelated characters into a pretty tight plot. Each character has his or her own storyline. They team up with other Final Fantasy characters, engage in banter, become friends (Zidane and Bartz, Terra and the Onion Kid) or learn to dislike each other (a lot of them start mocking Ex-Death and ignoring Tidus after a while). They fight the group of villains, who similarly have banter scenes and plans and alliances and eventually of course betray each other. And throughout all this, a very nice story is going on with tons and tons of references to every game. There's a Continuity Nod every couple of minutes. And the voice acting is really nice to boot. Like Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia delivers.

Secondly, it's a tight fighting game with excellent controls and a lot of different fighting styles. Each character and map has a completely unique strategy. The equipment system is intuitive and balanced. The matches are always fun and challenging. There's even a menu-based mode for gamers who don't feel comfortable with the genre. Even if you've never played a fighting game before, you should give it a try.

Thirdly, it's a game that wants you to get One Hundred Percent Completion on everything, and will never stop nagging about it. This isn't just limited to items and bonuses: to see each villain's final scene, for example, you have to play through hours of the final dungeons over and over, once with each character, just to get the cutscenes. The game insists you continue playing after the ending to see all the bonus material and character backstory files (without which 50% of the plot stays a mystery). And it never lets up. It's worse about it than Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The game even literally states at one point that the item hunting system may seem random, but is actually really deep and rewarding. (It's neither.) If you're a casual gamer who just wants to see all the characters interact in fun ways, you're screwed.

In conclusion: Dissidia is incredibly fun and very solid, both in terms of gameplay and story. However, if you want to see the whole story and don't feel like getting compulsive about it, you're better off just watching the cutscenes on You Tube.