Reviews: Black

Black: Gun Porn

Black was a very cutting edge game back when it was released. It featured great environmental destructibility and some of the best visuals of the last generation.

Admittedly, the plot is quite literally an Excuse Plot. The story centers around some Black Ops dude who's about to go on trial for war crimes. He eventually strikes a deal with a Dick Cheney look alike. In exchange for telling the man everything he knows about some terrorist group, he gets to walk free sort of. The game itself is a recap of the last couple of days of the protagonists life before he goes on trial.

The gameplay is, as with any game, the most important aspect. My favorite part of the game, besides the environmental destructibility, the challenge. It existed at a time before regenerating health became a norm, and as such, players had to find health packs and use them wisely. Players are limited to carrying no more than 3 med packs at a time. This is easier said than done, as in many instances there will be swarms of enemies firing at you and you'll be scrounging around just to find some health. There is a very decent variety of weapons, you know, the Standard FPS Guns you'd expect.

The sound design is good, but the voice acting is awful. Environmental destruction is one of the most revered things about this game, as you can practically rip half the level apart! Make no mistake, Black, although dated by today's standards, looked amazing back in the day. Particle effects were awesome, the explosions looked great, and the framerate was very consistent.

Adding this all together, Black was a very impressive game, both in graphics and gameplay.

I have played Bodycount, and It just seems a bit watered down. I may do a separate review there.