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Not Very Good
Sometimes, we as fans get caught up in hyperbole. Equally, some of us are tired of constant negative readings on the internet. For this reason, ENT is difficult to get a clear perspective on. The series was ill-fated from the get-go, and it took the threat of cancellation for the showrunners to gamble on new blood. I personally feel that the 'next' generation Trek shows (under Rick Berman's oversight) thrived whenever they were pushed to the wall and had to try something new.

However, even in the 'improved' fourth season under Manny Coto, I can't say ENT was very good drama, let alone good Star Trek. These issues have been covered ad nauseum, but the characters didn't have much depth to them. Without a great cast to find nuance in the material (Connor Trineer and John Billingsley excepted), there was no where for anyone to go. Half of the cast looked as though they belonged in a Trek porn parody, and even the 'blue collar' Trip and Malcolm didn't have much charm. Scott Bakula is a very limited actor and his cornspun attitude was hard to bear after a while. The dialog on the show was leaden and forced, with none of gravity of TNG or off-the-cuff humor of VOY. The result was a very, very flat experience to go with the usual chain of Trek cliches: a visit to Sickbay, aliens acting boorishly on the viewscreen, sentences that run on long to accommodate futuristic sounding words.

I can't recommend it.
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