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The pilot - an idiot's idea of clever
Remember how Sherlock, from Sherlock, always talks at a hundred miles an hour? That was the writer's way of showing how abnormally fast the sleuth's brain worked. In Scandal, everyone talks at least as fast, exchanging witticisms at a velocity that easily defies human comprehension. In Scandal's case though, this is the writer's way of showing how stupid they think the audience is.

The pilot introduces us to a super law firm of people who deny they are lawyers, talk too fast, operate out of a huge office that couldn't possibly exist within the space of the office tower they work in, and who's job it is to get clients off of crimes before the police even have a chance to press charges. The last thing turns out to be the most aggravating feature of the series.

The first case we are shown in the pilot (I will have to spoil the episode to adequately explain how ridiculous it is) features an honoured war hero who has been framed for the murder of his girlfriend. He comes to the protagonists so that they can prove his innocence before the cops take him in. How this is resolved is unbelievably stupid:

  • The lawyers eventually discover through investigation that the guy has the perfect alibi, in that he was at a gay club during the murder.
  • The guy doesn't want to use this alibi, because he is a well known anti-homosexual spokesperson. He'd rather go to jail for a crime he didn't commit than admit he is gay.
  • They ultimately prove the guy's innocence by convincing him to change is views on homosexuality and get him to publicly announce he is gay.

Basically, the guy might as well have not bothered coming to the law firm in the first place, seeing as how they didn't achieve anything he wouldn't already have had to do in a police interrogation (where his leanings would have probably remained secret). Hell, they don't even use the easiest line of reasoning to get the guy to come to his senses; rather than change his entire world view, all they had to say to him was "if you take the blame for this, your girlfriend's murderer will be free to strike again". The worst part is that the law firm sees this as all as some huge success.

''Scandal'' is a idiot's idea of how clever people work. Don't give this show the time of day.
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Season 1 is really promising
The characters are interesting, the plot is interesting and easy to believe in, and it can even makes you care for corrupt politicians, even though the heroine is really heroic and nice.
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