Reviews: Galavant

Super fun

Galavant is... not what you're expecting. At all. It's a medieval fantasy that doesn't just break the fourth wall but proceeds to gleefully tango-shuffle all over it. The characters get into situations specifically to get a laugh and the songs can have several blink-and-you'll-miss-it double entendres.

The plot itself? Moves at a glacial pace. But after starting the second season I'm not so sure that the plot is what's important anyway. Do you want a solid plot or Kylie Minogue demanding a striptease at a gay bar along with Weird Al Yankovic doing a jazz hands Gregorian chant song?

As long as you go into it expecting lots of humor, you'll have a good time.


A post modern parody on the stereotypical medieval story slash television musical special. Cheesy, but worth it.