Reviews: Big Time Rush

What happened to this show?

I loved it at first, with its mindless humor and zany schemes.

But since Big Time Concert, the episodes have been getting worse. They've just been either Jo and/or Jett making absurd and cliche scenes to insult Kendall (Welcome Back, Big Time, Big Time Sneakers), insanity that can't make up its mind between funny and cringeworthy (Big Time Fans, Big Time Girlfriends to an extent), characters being just flat out unlikeable (Big Time Live, namely Griffin and the horrible producer of AM LA), or just...nonsense (Big Time Halloween, though to be fair it's a Halloween episode and doesn't NEED to make sense), and vice versa. The only episode i've enjoyed so far this time is Big Time Christmas, and Big Time Pranks was okay too. Gustavo, while not as bad as before, is still a self-absorbed douchebag who can't take any negative criticism. Take the most recent episode. He tries to KILL the boys because Kendall told him to take a chill pill, and he DENIES being furious until Buddha Bob uses the pinch to relax him. And speaking of said episode, what happened to the boys' pact about not letting the town or singing thing ruin them? In Big Time Fever it was amusing, but here it was just pointless (I mean, Carlos being afraid to die because of a f***ing PARROT?! James becoming weaker just because Logan takes his swagger? Come on!)

Oh, and that brings me to my next point-Kendall ALWAYS has to be so normal and down to earth. The writers just love making sure he ends up coming out on top and never getting in trouble. I mean, at least Carly Shay and Tori Vega aren't the most careful people out there.

The season two opener sucked. Jo's actions (in order: telling Jett that he can steal her away from Kendall, and that he's a really gifted actor, saying to Kendall that there's nothing between her and Jett, breaking up with him after seeing Jett tell her the same, being the ONLY person at the Palm Woods to not be at Rocktoberfest, making Kendall perform a song about trying to forget about her THEN she shows up) were just infuriating.

It's really disappointing, because I liked the first season of this, and their music. iCarly is still going strong, and i've loved every episode of Victorious so far (except maybe the first one). But other than that, i've said enough.