Reviews: Beyond

  • Nazo
  • 11th Mar 17
  • 0

First episode review: bland, boring and amazingly bad

When I finished this show's first episode a few hours ago, I was left speechless. I still can't wrap my head around how unimaginative, souless and just plain bad it was.

The characters were mostly a miss: I didn't really care about what happens to the protagonist nor his family. The plot seems extremely cliche'd: it's just another teen-with-powers show. The dialogue was atrocious: I've alredy heard every line before in other, often better shows.

But the worst thing is that it didn't made me feel anything. As in, I got no message from the show.

When I watch TV, I expect to get something out of it, I expect some sort of underlying theme to be present throughout the show: Sense8 is about human relationships and how society can intefere with them. BrooklynNineNine, despite being a comedy, has a lot to say about conpanionship and the power it brings forth. Designated Survivor is about how the struggles of a man against the whole world. But Beyond has none of that. It's just... stuff that happens.

Heck, I don't even need to talk about symbolism: Beyond simply didn't get any reation from me: with the above mentioned shows, I cry, I laugh, I get tense. Beyond doesn't manage any of that.

If you love this show, I'm glad for you, and I hope you enjoy it. But if you look for any kind of depth in what you watch, I'd say you can skip this one.