Reviews: Owl City

I Like It

Okay! I get to review Owl City! Exciting, because I really like Adam Young's music!

So I really like that... uh... well, you know... It's really good because... uh...


Well, this is awkward. Guess I'm not as good as reviewing music as I am, you know, fiction. Because I am a troper. I'm not an experienced musician (though I do play one or two classical instruments), but I basically find this music to be my cup of tea. I suppose many of his songs have a nice slow tone, like "Fireflies" and "Vanilla Twilight", but a few like "Good Time" and "Verge" are more upbeat.

As far as lyrics go, it can be really esoteric. If, however, you dig deep enough, you can find some ideas and themes that are scary, funny, tragic, and, of course, heartwarming. Adam Young is a Christian, and that shows through in some of his songs. Some songs have subtle Christian themes ("Shooting Star"), while a few are more obvious ("My Everything"). Part of the fun is identifying these ideas and themes. Another part is just bouncing along with a lot of what seems to be Word Salad Lyrics.

Personally, I enjoy this music a lot. I'd recommend at least checking some of it out. Some personal favorites of mine include "Hello Seattle," "Fireflies," "Vanilla Twilight," "Gold," "To the Sky," "The Real World," "Deer in the Headlights," "When Can I See You Again," and "This Isn't the End."