Reviews: Maga Tsuki

Come for the cute girls, stay for the plot, and keep enjoying the cute girls

Maga Tsuki has an interesting premise, being about a guy, Yasuke, who has a crush on his childhood friend, Akari, who reveals to have the same feelings for him. Both are unaware of the other part's feelings, however as per the norm of childhood friends romance, both are scared of rejection, and worried about wrecking their friendship because of it. And so, nothing gets said about it. Then one day, Yasuke breaks a sacred mirror which unleashes a goddess, named Tsuhime Seori, nicknamed "Orihime", into our world, ending up cursed due to it. Because his soul is within her as the curse's effect, Yasuke has to stay physically close to Orihime all the time, otherwise he will die. Logically, this throws Yasuke's plans of confessing to Akari and vice-versa off-course, and the situation grows further complicated with 2 more goddesses joining the fray later on. It is a good break from the usual harem plots with a rather original and entertaining plotline, and filled with characters that have likeable personalities that get developed and explored in depth quite well. The art style isn't too shabby either. Although a common complaint about Maga Tsuki is that it relies far too much on complications built by misunderstandings or by characters jumping to conclusions as a source of conflict, which becomes noticeable as the story progresses. While not a bad thing in itself, and even something realistic and understandable, it has become far too overused in the run of 27 chapters published so far to the point that Arc Fatigue is starting to kick in. Curiously, this got lampshaded by one of the characters in a very satisfying way.

Despite that, Maga Tsuki is a very enjoyable and worthwhile read, and if the romantic plot doesn't do it for you, the characters sure will. Their interactions overall make for some great moments. Highly reccomended.