Reviews: Hyper Police

  • puca
  • 12th Jan 15
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A Fair Furry Fable

Ok, "Furry" is difficult to give this one given most of the characters are humanoid with some animal features, but it's one of the few anime accepted by the furry fandom. Make of that what you will.

I suppose I'll go categorically for the general aspects of what people care about in anime.

Story: Hyper Police is something of a "scifi/fantasy/slice of life" story. It's very episodic but there is continuity between episodes and it doesn't just reset at the end of the day. It follows Natsuku Sasahara as a young bounty hunter and her friends trying to make a living in a rebuilt post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters. It has a lot of moments of cheesiness, some genuine humour, what felt like several dropped romance plots, and what seemed to be a rather rushed ending that vastly differed from the manga's, cutting out half the content of the original story.

Animation: Nothing spectacular. It's not awful by any means, but nothing is going to make an animation buff start breaking down a scene bit by bit to see how much effort went into the magic.

Dub: Bleh. Let me just say right now: I like dubs when they're done well. This one is not done well. Many characters have rather unfitting voices, timing is off in a lot of scenes due to them apparently trying to be as direct as possible in the translations, mispronunciations are fairly common (Sakura is often pronounced "Suh-kohr-rah"), and Japanese text is often never given subtitles or read aloud. The latter can be fixed on the DVD sets, but it's obnoxious.

On the note of Sakura, many characters will point out she has an accent. Sakura is from Osaka, which when translated is generally given a southern US English accent. Her voice actor didn't even try. That got particularly irritating.

Tommy Fujioka, my favourite character, was also given an actor that couldn't emote if he were being held at gunpoint and told he could live if he made a legitimate sounding "Help me".

And then there's Napu. He's a lion with a British accent. I don't even know.

Recommendation: If you like catgirls, foxgirls, werewolves, various worldwide mythologies fused into one, and some decent comedic action, it's worth a look. I highly recommend the Japanese version over the English dub, however.