Reviews: Dracula Everlasting

Tried so hard to like this.....

I started reading this manga because the art was well-done and the Bram Stoker "re-invention" of Dracula and what happens after was intriguing. It started off well enough with a good build up of the main characters and the creation of the story in the modern day with decent-enough backplot.

However, it goes downhill pretty fast and it's pretty much due to how the comic's creators wanted to emphasize how much they wanted Hecate "Cate" Ambrose to be the badass witch that solves everything. Seriously, she has spells for almost every occasion and can even make up new ones on the fly, pretty much reducing the antagonist's ability to seem threatening at all as well as overshadowing any plot and further character development for Jill or any other character. Cate pretty much becomes a Magic Girl Sue by the time the protagonists all group together and decide to go after Big Bad Dracula, and it honestly made me write the entire comic off due to the frustrations of the multiple dues ex machina instances that butcher the story. Too many times of going "Oh hey, this is an interesting challenge and obstacle that the characters will have to struggle to overc.....oh, wait...Cate used a spell or something to make the challenge moot." *headdesk*

I've never wanted the bad guy to win so badly, just to put a stop to the derailment of anything interesting about the comic. Considering the plot seems to be reaching a climax, that will hopefully be soon.