Reviews: Bunny Drop

Heart-Warming At Its Finest

I'm just going to say it. I. Love. This. Show. In the year and a half since I really got into anime, I have never seen a show that I would call a 10 out of 10. Until now.

While I realise that I am not the target demographic, that doesn't change the fact that Usagi Drop is one heart-warming moment after another. While that in and of itself may not be particularly new, what really got me was how believable it was. After you accept the opening premise (which is not that much of a stretch in today's society), everything that happens afterwards falls into place quite reasonably and logically. It is easily one of the most realistic series I have seen to date, probably because the most reasonable solutions to the problems that occurred were actually considered by the characters. I may be new to this genre but that still shocked me.

With regards to how heart warming it was. Your mileage may vary but I consider the ending of the first episode, when Rin runs to Daikichi to be the most heart-warming moment I have ever seen in an anime. And it just keeps building from there. This is the closest I have gotten to tears in a long, long time. Every single episode has something which deserves an entry on the crowning moment of heart-warming page, and that is Not Hyperbole. It is actually that good.

If I had one complaint (I don't, I'm just trying, and failing, to be unbiased), it's that the art and animation were a bit more… artsy than I'm used to. It was a lot simpler too, there wasn't a lot of detail put into the scenes. But you know what? It works. It works pretty damn well. It's always obvious what is happening, and the art style really compliments what's happening, rather than simply showing it.

To be blunt, I think you should watch it. I think everyone should watch at least some of it. I give it the highest recommendation that I'm capable of (which isn't much at all but you get the point). Even if you're not the target audience (I'm certainly not), even if you're not into the genre (I certainly wasn't) you should still watch it. You might like it as much as I did and the worst case scenario is that you don't.

And in case you still haven't got the point: It is good. Watch it. Now.