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One of the best commentary groups I know of
Hellfirecomms has been making me laugh ever since I happened upon a video of a Sonic and the Secret Rings playthrough back in 2008. Whether it's Helldragon mercilessly trashing whatever unfortunate subject the team is reviewing, FTA regaling the audience with Sonic facts we never needed to know, Tom making himself known as the most posh creature to walk the Earth, or the works of the multitude of co-commentators the group has to offer, there is nothing lacking in entertainment from Hellfirecomms. Anyone who appreciates Let's Plays or just enjoys video games should check these guys out.
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So entertaining
Most playthroughs are basically review-whilst-gameplay-shown situations, whilst hellfirecomms definitely has that element, what attracts me to hellfirecomms is the witty snarks directed at the commentators, the games being played and the characters, occasionally a comment is thrown at the fanbase of said game and their tendancies.

The first one I watched was Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, and never has hearing a couple of hours worth of people complaining been quite so entertaining (and it isn't baseless bashing either, it's genuine and grounded argument in disfavour of the game,however in often in a piss-taking tone, and credit is given where it is due), since then I have watched all Sonic playthroughs and many livestreams.

The livestreams offer more variety, you may the more professional review-while-play/pre-recordedgameplay type deal to be uploaded on youtube, a semi-professional reveiw-and-chat-whilst play, or complete and utter silliness, which may or may not possibly involve one of the commentators saying dirty things in an extremely convincing impression of Mickey Mouse.

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Quality Commentaries
Hellfire Commentaries are not only entertaining, but also of the best quality and quite informative. Each member of the team is unique and lovable, and funny in his own way. It's these qualities that make Hellfire Commentaries a joy to watch!
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Hellfire-Commentaries = Awesome
You know, when looking for whatever the hell Egg-Wyvern looked like, I never expected to find a Sonic '06 playthrough, but I DID search this on You Tube. Upon clicking the first video, I cam upon Hellfire Comms. After watching the video a bit, I grew to enjoy it, and upon hearing FTA say "Who cares? She's a bitch." I instantly subscribed. Since then, I spent several days watching their available playthroughs (even the ones that are no longer around, like the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas playthrough) and grew to love them. Not only are these guys hilarious, they're incredibly nice people, and even getting to speak with FTA through Skype felt like I was meeting a celebrity.

These guys are one of the best things on the internet, whether they admit it or not. BigAl sucks ass though.
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Pure awesome in concentrate.
I was never really into commentaries until, while watchin' Random DCE videos, I came across a video of Sonic '06 featuring two other British folks talking about how absolutely terrible it was one day. I was very quickly hooked to the Sonic '06 Playthrough, and watched the whole thing start to finish. Then Sonic Unleashed. Then Kingdom Hearts. Hellfire Comms sort of introduced me to a whole new community on You Tube and it's really cool seeing people not just casually playing a game, but also giving surprisingly professional opinions on them as well. They're really funny but they take their work seriously (well, if it deserves to be taken seriously), and it's great fun watching quality videos and quality commentary.
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