Reviews: Bear In The Big Blue House

I Think That This Show Smells Good

I gotta go to the store
Clean up the house
It happens when you're
Living with a busy mouse
A lemur, two otters and a bearcub too
Did I mention there was lots to do?

Bear in the Big Blue House was, quite simply... the best show on television, ever. And I may not even be exaggerating. Everything about the show was fantastic, from the characters, to the stories, to the well-written and amazingly performed songs. It was a rare children's series that could easily be enjoyed by viewers of any age.

The most popular episode of the series was a toilet-training episode called "When You Got to Go," and it's not difficult to see why. The material was presented as an "easy-done-it" approach with a mix of gentle teaching and good humor. There was also a delightful holiday episode called a "A Berry Bear Christmas" which combined the joy of the holidays with pro-social messages that weren't delivered as if they were trying to hit the viewers over the head with an anvil.

The cast of the show was a joy to watch. My favorite character is probably Tutter, a tutting mouse who could always be counted on for some humourous moments. Ojo the bearcub was a very sweet, and then there's Bear himself, who each day invited us into his Big Blue House for learning and fun.

The music was another great thing about the series, such as "Go to Bed, Sleepyhead" and the song quoted above, "Come on In."

What's more, the show never rested on its laurels. They were constantly tweaking, experimenting and improving, such that in the fourth season viewers were taken into the wide world of Woodland Valley, with Tutter starting mouse school. It all led up to a truly memorable and tearjerking finale.

Bear no longer airs on Playhouse Disney, but numerous merchandise and book releases are available. Most of the series is also on video. I recommend checking it out and then reading Tough Pigs for their insightful and amusing reviews of the series.