Reviews: The Cat In The Hat

One Review, Two Review, Good Review, Bad Review

The classic book of Dr. Seuss,
Is one that rivals Mother Goose.
It's weird, bizarre, and fun to read
If you read it too, you'd say "agreed!"
The kids, the Things, the Cat and the Fish
come together like a splendiferous dish.

And then there is the animation,
Which is by far no lesser sensation.
Though the antics are somewhat long-winded at times,
It excels with silly songs and rhymes.
Though it's not really my cup of joe,
Your kids will definitely love it so.

But then there is that live-action flick.
I'll tell you straight: it made me sick!
I would not watch it on DVD,
I would not watch it even for free!
I would not watch it on Blu-Ray,
I would not watch it any day!
I do not like this film at all,
I'd rather be playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

So there's my review, in silly rhyme.
I hope I've adequately wasted your time.