Reviews: Now Blooms The Tudor Rose

A Most Delightful Piece of Alternate History

As a lurker on Alternate and avid reader of historical fiction, the concept of alternate history has always been a favorite of mine in literature. It's always interesting to read the many possibilities that would if a certain event were to go differently. Amongst the many timelines, I don't think any captivated me so much as Space Oddity's "Now Blooms the Tudor Rose".

While many Alternate History timelines like to use the format of fictional articles and works of study that pertains to said POD, Space Oddity instead uses a very snarky format of writing, and any "future" works that pertains to the events that happen tends to be in the form of dramas and tv shows (including the Oh-So parody-worthy "The Tudors". The snarky format works so well in its favor that it helps highlight the genius, the arrogance, and the utter stupidity shown from real-life historical figures that, in hindsight, are earilly similar to things we usually see in cartoons instead of people, and yet I can totally see them do (oh Ivan the Terrible you! Henry VIII too!).

Another thing that makes the timeline enjoyable, is that it backs up its snarkiness and jabs at our favorite historical figures with some of the most frequent uses of footnotes I've ever seen on a timeline. Every chapter sort of feels like a humorous history lessons, and you'd be surprised on some of the... zanier aspects of rulers in history.

The last point of note that makes this is the characters. Every single historical and alternate historical character is a great read. From crazy Ivan the Terrible and epically Maniacal Magnus, to the stoic and composed Edward Tudor and crafty politician Pope Pius IV. Everyone and everybody is a joy to read about. Excellent pacing between countries also makes switching character perspectives not too distracting from reading the work itself.

Give it a try! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!