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Well-written and fantastically illustrated story
I stumbled upon this particular creepypasta via TV Tropes' The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You page. I normally avoid creepypastas like the plague, as I'm not a huge fan of horror or scary stuff in general. But this one seemed intriguing, and I decided to give it a chance.

Whether this series is a good 'pasta, I'll leave up to those with more experience in the genre. But I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and it's one of the very few scary stories I'm willing to re-read and recommend to friends.

Cosbydaf has a definite knack for writing, and for creating an atmosphere of dread or calm as needed. He's also proven adept at creating distinct voices for his characters, both with Zach in the original story and Carl in the sequel. I found myself reading breathlessly along as Zach's journey into the world of the game became more terrifyingly twisted, and I'm still watching the sequel story eagerly in hopes that some of my many questions regarding the game will be answered. (Though I won't complain if questions go unanswered - part of the fun of the story is the mystery, after all.)

The visuals accompanying the story are a treat as well. The spritework accompanying the 'pasta is phenomenal, and Cosbydaf has a terrific imagination... if a bit twisted at times. The classic Kaiju of the Godzilla movies that weren't in the original game are wonderfully rendered, and the brand-new Kaiju (the replacement monsters, Red, Solomon, etc.) are quite imaginatively designed and look awesome/terrifying/both at once. Red in particular is a chilling new villain, one that creeps me out and yet fascinates me at once. His past history with Solomon looks like it would be something fascinating to explore in a spinoff story.

People have complained about the story's ending, saying it isn't befitting a 'pasta. But I personally found it satisfying, and far better than the typical Left Hanging or Downer Ending finales of other 'pastas. I wouldn't have rewritten it any other way.

I don't think I can fairly judge the NES Godzilla Creepypasta as an actual 'pasta. But I can judge it as a story instead of just a 'pasta, and in that respect it's a great one, well-written and awesomely illustrated. Recommended (though I wouldn't recommend reading it too late at night... it DOES have some scary imagery...)
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