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Best Opening Line Ever
The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault. No matter how many times I read that, I will never stop laughing. This book felt like we got back onto the right track with The Dresden Files, and it really paid off. My only nitpick is that I still don't like the dual climaxes. It just feel odd reading them. Thankfully, both were handled well this time, rather than one being really good while the other was lacking. We also got some really interesting revelations in this book about how White Court vampires work, why Thomas has helped Harry several times, and backstory for Kincaid, Murphy, and Ebenezer. Plus, we got introduced to Mouse, who I will never stop seeing as a cute little puppy, no matter how big he's described as. The banter between Harry and Thomas is a lot of fun, and the entire idea of Harry working for a porn director is hilarious. The 'actors' are great too, and I really loved how one of them couldn't remember Harry's name, but did remember that he didn't bring her a mocha. But none of that compares to the funniest moment yet in the series, the frozen guided turkey missile. With a timer popping out. Overall, this book was a lot of fun, and good step forward for the Dresden Files.
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