Reviews: Proton Jon

Not bad

He's good at what he does, and is pretty funny also. He isn't as good as Chuggaaconroy, but he deserves a spot for the second best one. You don't have anything to lose, so you might as well see him.

His is a tale told by a silly man full of sound and fury signifying... something.

What's there to be said. He enjoys what he does and he does it well. One can find him funny, calm, or bizarrely insightful. He's certainly worth giving a look.

One Of The Funniest People On You Tube

Finally, Proton Jon has a TV Tropes page!

Every single time I watch his videos, I end up laughing the entire time. His awesome uses of the Precision F Strike/Cluster F Bomb, his Angrish rambling, his Deadpan Snarking, I absolutely adore these romhacks.

Naka Teleeli, Elemental Ogre, the Freelance Astronauts, and Azure Blade 49 are also really funny L Pers, but let's face it, Proton Jon beats them all. There's honestly no contest. Proton Jon: One of the funniest people on You Tube, and probably the funniest L Per of all time.