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Reviews Comments: One Of The Funniest People On You Tube Proton Jon whole series review by Southpaw

Finally, Proton Jon has a TV Tropes page!

Every single time I watch his videos, I end up laughing the entire time. His awesome uses of the Precision F Strike/Cluster F Bomb, his Angrish rambling, his Deadpan Snarking, I absolutely adore these romhacks.

Naka Teleeli, Elemental Ogre, the Freelance Astronauts, and Azure Blade 49 are also really funny L Pers, but let's face it, Proton Jon beats them all. There's honestly no contest. Proton Jon: One of the funniest people on You Tube, and probably the funniest L Per of all time.


  • Brainbin
  • 14th Oct 10
I honestly couldn't believe his page hadn't been created already, especially considering the LPers who do have pages here, which is why I had to take matters into my own hands. I definitely agree that he's the funniest LPer. He's also actually really good at playing games, which is always a plus, and he probably has the best taste in music. Appreciate the funk!
  • ChaoticTrilby
  • 24th Jul 11
Couldn't agree more! Proton Jon will always be my favorite. I like other L Pers like Chuggaa Conroy a lot too, but Jon's just the funniest to me. His voice is also very clear which, considering how many lets players slur what they say, makes him much more pleasing for me to listen to. I'm glad he has a tv tropes page. :)
  • kirbystarwarior
  • 26th Feb 12
I do agree that he's funny, but I think Chuggaconroy is better.
  • Filby
  • 18th Mar 12
Raocow is the cream of the crop IMO (this is a matter of opinion, of course), but Jon is the one who got me into LP in the first place. Too bad he doesn't do Mario ROM hacks anymore - I always thought those were his most entertaining videos. Actually, it's too bad his activity has plummeted in general.

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