Reviews: Marik Plays Bloodlines

Hilarious all the way through.

IT'S LITTLE. FRGGIN. KURIBOH. Of course it's going to be funny. Marik is always a pleasure to watch and his dynamic with Bakura (thumbs up to LK for having him in the background along with guest star Slenderman and Melvin) is forever funny. Ho Yay Ship Tease never fails with LK's Thiefshipping powers.

If you're a Yugioh Abridged fan, it is practically required that you have to watch this regrettable short (cancelled?) series. Take a lot over at the Funny section of this page if you don't believe you should watch this. Whether it be Marik and Bakura's banter, Marik's refusal to admit he's gay or just how he reacts to the video game itself, this is definitely recommended if you've got time to kill. And by kill, I mean-


The world is a........

Although the series is not yet finished, it just shows that littlekuriboh's ability to LOL us, and doesn't limit to YGOTAS, i just wish that there are more "marik plays your favorite videogame here" Bottomline: It's great..