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Awesome Manga
Let me tell you this: Oda can draw. The art is unique and fun and detailed, with Easter Eggs embedded in it along with the stories which some of the more observant viewers are likely to notice. Something or someone that shows up one chapter may not show up until a hundred chapters later. The ensemble cast is entertaining and lively. The backstories are poignant and touching and simply add to the wonder of the world of One Piece.

The anime follows a formula of one episode per manga chapter, so UGH yes it can be hard to follow with long, drawn-out, time-wasting sequences etc. Basically a lot of precious seconds lost on something that could be used to incorporate a second or third chapter into the episode. So read the manga, don't watch the anime.

The Strawhats feel like family to you. You get intimately wound into their lives and them into you. This isn't like other Shonen where relationships between characters don't matter or get little screen time. This isn't like Bleach where the power curves are ridiculous and where by all logic the main hero should be a freaking god by now and pwn everyone in his way. No. Luffy still struggles, and not because he gets depowered. You can see the amazing contrast between first chapter Luffy and today Luffy. Hell, even just 50-100 chapters back, it's there. Luffy struggles because the world around him is getting stronger, and that's what makes One Piece awesome.

Great story-telling, believable characters, true emotions, accurate pacing, and more.
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To me, the greatest anime/manga ever
One Piece is a series filled with effort. You can tell that nearly every character had thought put into them. Their usually funny, or have incredibly awesome moments. The characters can be incredibly Bad Ass, ranging from destroying an entire fleet of ships with a single sword slice, and moving so fast they're practically invisible.

And the drama of One Piece can be incredible. Nearly all the Strawhat's past's can be heartbreaking. Nami's, Chopper's, Robin's, and Brook's being the main example to me. Oda can make the reader be so invested into the story, and they can feel the sadness and shock that the actual characters feel. (I became emotionally attached to a boat) The fight of Ussop and Luffy was an incredible moment of the series, and I really was impressed by how well Ussop was holding up. With a series like Dragon Ball you don't really make that much of a connection because you know the heroes are going to be brought back. But when somebody dies they stay dead. (Except for Brook, because of the devil fruit he ate, but that was a one time thing, and was still able to be heartbreaking)

This action is amazing. Every panel, or scene (depending if I was seeing the anime or manga) brought out my inner little kid who loved action. And One Piece has some really good fights in it. Both sides can be incredibly awesome, and you will be impressed. They aren't exactly Dragon Ball or Bleach level of power, but for some reason I'm more impressed with the awesome moments here than I am with those series. Maybe it's because the powers of the other two series I mentioned are blown out of proportion to the point where you really aren't that impressed anymore. But with One Piece, there's a clear limit to how powerful they are. One Piece isn't perfect though. There are so many times where there are death fakeouts, (most would be impossible to survive even by One Piece standards) and it gets tiring.

Overall, I think One Piece is an anime/manga superior to any others. The action and humor are great, the drama and tragedy are incredibly moving, the pacing is well done, and the majority of the characters are incredibly well written. I'm not trying to tell you to like this series more than Naruto or any other series, but I am telling you to give this series a shot if you haven't already.
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