Reviews: Avatar The Last Airbender

Avatar TLA Series

This is my favorite tv series. It has a good story line and plot, and a well thought out and constructed universe. There is good character development for all three of the main characters and many of the side characters grow aswell. The art is beautiful and there isn't a huge difference in the art from earlier episodes when compared to later episodes like some shows. The characters are likable but not Mary Sues. The story is also very intricate with many interweaving subplots. There isn't any major plotholes I've found and the characters logic is usually pretty sound. There isn't usually any Idiot Ball moments. There are many well developed themes in the series as well and excellent foreshadowing (sometimes many episodes in advance). Overall, it's an excellent series and I recomend that you watch it. (Never watch the movie though, it.... it's scarring)