Reviews: Tomorrow Never Dies

Gag Voice: The female voice in the BMW with the comical German accent

"Gag Voice: The female voice in the BMW with the comical German accent. Perhaps a little Take That! on the BMW Product Placement over a British marque."

Sarcasm is misplaced here, because BMW is and has never been a British marque. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works), headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Read it and weep!

Not the best, but it's certainly good fun Bond

Tomorrow Never Dies is almost everything we expect from a James Bond film. It has little more than that, but thatís fine. Itís certainly a fun and well-made film and definitely worth two hours of your life.

The movie contains the standard Bond film formula. A megalomaniac wants to take over the world, Bond is sent to stop him, he seduces some women and kills some men on the way, causes thousands of dollars worth of damage, confronts the villain and foils his plot (and life), and gets the girl.

The film doesnít really do anything new with the formula, but it executes it well. Pierce Brosnan goes on his second outing as Bond, and heís quickly become comfortable with the role, becoming one of the best Bonds ever. He has the suaveness and toughness of Sean Connery, the comedic timing and charm of Roger Moore, the coldness and brutality of Timothy Dalton, and he adds his own touch of gentleness and humanity to the role. Heís very entertaining and even actually kind of sympathetic, and when heís onscreen, he simply is James Bond. Heís able to take on any challenge and survive any action sequence.

As an action piece, Tomorrow Never Dies is fantastic. There are some fantastic and inventive action sequences. The stuntwork is wonderful, and the usual great Bond car chases are present. A scene that sticks out strongly is a chase in a multiple-story garage, with Bond driving his car via remote control in the back seat, as henchmen fire their pistols and bazookas at him, and he uses the carís dozens of hidden gadgets against them, such as spiked balls to take out the tires of other cars, and the hidden guns at the front of his own car.

The film doesnít do much new with the Bond formula, but it does it well. It has an original idea for a villain, him being a media mogul, but not much is done with this concept, although actor Jonathan Pryce revels in being a megalomaniac. Tomorrow Never Dies is a fun movie, offering little new, but as long as itís fun, thatís OK, isnít it?