Reviews: The Happening

WTF is Happening

I knew this was a bad movie even before I started it up one night. I had heard of the stupid plot, the horrible acting, and the unbelievable lines that no human would ever speak under any circumstances. Yet, I watched the movie anyway, determined to see how bad it could possibly be. I wanted to know if it was as bad as The Last Airbender movie, something that I clearly remember giving me physical pain when I watched it in theaters.

While I found out that The Happening wasn't nearly as bad as TLA, everything I had heard about The Happening was true. First of all, the premise was completely ridiculous with it being revealed that plants were emitting a toxin that made people commit suicide. Now this could have been great for a movie that was trying to be a comedy, but no, this movie is taking plants and trying to make them menacing. PLANTS! And they don't even do anything! They just sit there and let the wind blow their toxins into the air. Thus there are so many scenes of people running away from wind, which looks about as stupid as it sounds. I honestly don't know how anybody is supposed to be horrified by this, not to mention that all of the suicides are so... stale. People don't even react when they die. They just shoot themselves, get mauled by lionesses, and run over by lawnmowers without even flinching.

And then there's the acting. Nobody in this film knows how to talk like a normal person, or even emote like one. It's like everybody's reading off a script and they all talk as though they were ripped straight out of Twilight. Words nobody even uses are said like "lemon drink" and "superfluous" and at one point, a guy randomly talks about hot dogs. For no reason. I don't even know.

And then to top it all off, the movie doesn't explain anything by the time it's over. It's never revealed why the plants started emitting toxins, why they suddenly stopped, or anything. It all just happens and then it ends. There was no conclusion whatsoever, even if the movie didn't even have much of a structure in the first place.

And yet... I cannot help but reccomend this film. It's bad. It's real bad. And yet it's a good kind of bad, the bad where if you don't take it seriously, you will be laughing the whole time at all of the Narm. It's simply something so absurd that you just have to watch it.