Reviews: The Borrowers 1997

Funny and clever

This review may be slightly skewed thanks to nostalgia and considering this is one of my childhood flics. That aside, the Borrowers is a delightful family feature that both children and adults can enjoy. There is something there for everyone.

A lot of the humor comes from the fact that how clever the filmmakers were in the sets and props. Almost every piece of clothing or tool is something, you guessed it, borrowed and it's ingenious how much they cram in the everyday appliances. They definitely had fun on creating this one. A fun game to play while watching is catching all the times they throw something in there (like Arrietty using a birthday cake candle as a torch, Spiller having a fork armor plate).

Also, pain is always paired with comedy and the resident Butt Monkey Ocious P. Potter gets a lot of hits. In fact, as the movie goes on, his injuries become more and more wacky. While this is played for kids, it can be humorous for adults too; especially in how deranged he gets.

It's rather sad that practically no one remembers this film as while it's not a epic feature, it does have its charm. Give it a watch if you haven't already and see what you think. :)