Reviews: Tetsuo The Iron Man

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First time...
First time I saw this film was in a Goth club in Houston. It's pretty customary in these clubs to play obscure and provocative horror and fetish films so long as it has a dark nature to it. Of course you can't hear a thing and rarely are they gracious enough to include subtitle, but I remember waiting at the stage for Voltaire(who is a listed musician here) to start his show... Anyway, as we're waiting I'm looking up at a projection screen watching this silenced movies in subtitles playing out while the booming dark wave music thudded in my ears. My eyes were glued to the screen. My thought process, being VERY drunk was at first curiosity. Then as I watched more... intrigue and a bit of disgust. Then my mind was blown during the transformation scene... was that a drill? What the hell is going on here? Why is this happening? As I watched so did about 40 other club-goers as they neared the stage all with very evident looks of WTF!?... Well I never did learn the name... until I accidentally stumbled upon it on Netflix! YES!

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