Reviews: Spring Breakers


The film spends probably 75% of its running time replaying sound bites of dialogue whilst showing clips of events from Spring Break.

There's about 20 minutes of decent story which is then repeated ad nauseam for the remain 70 minutes.

This troper can only assume that James Franco lost a bet to appear in this, although having Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens rubbing their naked bodies on him is probably also another contributing factor to his decision.

Save your money and time see the Evil Dead remake instead.


My brother was curious about seeing this movie, and I finally agreed to watch this movie with him and my uncle. After seeing the movie, the first reaction was: "Oh god, why have we watched this?"

While the idea was kind of good to use, there's 3 problems, 2 of them are the main problem of the movie:

1)Every Character is forgettable (and I don't remember their names), which isn't helped by the fact the perfomances are bad.

2)The possible tension between a springbreak going wrong is replaced by 2 girls doing gang things (and they're absolutely fine by that)

3)Nothing Happens!

If my review doesn't tell you anything about the movie, it's because the movie itself doesn't tell us anything except that they're girls doing a spring break and they're forced to do gang stuff.

So I beg you to stay away from this movie!