Reviews: Salt

Average, No More, No Less.

Salt is one of those movies that is neither good nor bad. It's just so mind numbingly...Average. This movie has no strikingly good parts, nor does it have any Horrifyingly Bad Parts. It's just rather bland. The Plot is rather Average, the Action Sequences are Average, The Acting is Average, And, well, Everything is just So Okay Its Average.

Do Not expect the plot to hold you in your seat. None of the Plot is particularly inspired, and sometimes it can get rather dull, but it remains in the limbo between good and bad. The big plot twist Just is not enough to save the movie's story from it's destiny as yet another generic narrative.

The Action scenes are fine, but not particularly inspired. They just feel just mind numbingly average. While still watchable, they lack the spirit and drive present in other movies. They Don't really do the job of wowing the audience, but they at least provide a nice visual distraction. They aren't Bad, but they really don't excite that much at all.

The Characters are all flat, 2-dimensional Poles and they aren't really fleshed out over the course of the movie. Do not expect to see any real Character Development Here, Salt is simply the Person on the run, tailed by One agent who Vehemently Believes she is Guilty and one who Believes she is innocent...And that's it. Even after several plot twists, everyone retains their same, basic character Archtype.

The Acting is Fine, But several lines feel forced. I Can't really pick out anything especially good or bad about the standard of acting, but everyone shoulders the load rather well.

And thus we have Salt. This film is not the worst film of the year, but is in no way the best either. It's just average.

(Note: I Was Watching the Directors Cut.)