Reviews: Mitchell

Thank Goodness for MST 3 K

Mitchell is mildly entertaining and not much else. Starring Joe Don Baker in the title role as an unlikeable, unattractive, alcoholic police detective with bad people skills and worse fashion sense, Mitchell is about... well, there's something about a drug deal, and a union lawyer, and an Italian guy, and, well, I was so bored I was barely paying attention. Still, the action—a car chase, a few fistfights and gunfights—is kind of exciting, though not worth the price of admission.

As an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, though, Mitchell is elevated above its trite existence by Joel and the bots' witty riffing and is genuinely funny and entertaining. It's also the landmark final episode to be hosted by Joel, after which he was replaced by series head writer Mike Nelson as the lead actor.

On its own, Mitchell isn't worth your time, but if you're a fan of MST3K, it is a must-watch.