Reviews: Ever After

Sword scene - Danielle's epic scene cut from video & dvd releases

I LOVED this movie in the theater! Danielle's kick-ass character REFUSED to remain a victim. My favorite scene was when she freed herself from the evil clutches of Pierre le Pieu - using her mad SWORD SKILLS! I was SO excited when this movie was released on video! I couldn't wait to watch it with my daughter! And we watched it.......only to discover it was a butchered version of an epic movie. The sword scene, and several other kick-ass Danielle scenes, were GONE, and all that remained was a watered-down version with a damsel in distress slant. I had hoped the blu-ray version would include the theatrical version of this epic fantasy, and the SWORD SCENE OF AWESOMENESS, but alas, it seems to have buried, lost, or wiped from existence.