Reviews: Eragon


Every part of this film is awful, but for some reason one thing really stuck out to me; in the beginning, Saphira finally learns how to fly. She then proceeds to fly up into the sky, get struck by a random bolt of lightning, and suddenly return fully grown and speaking english. It would have been INCREDIBLY easy to replace this with a Time Passes Montage, but they didn't, and it was terrible.

That essentially sums up the entire movie. It would probably have been EASIER to do it the way the actual book did it, but they didn't, and it was terrible.

Oh, and they completely ruined the Fortuneteller's character. Utterly destroyed her, stripped it to the bare bones, then threw those bones away, replaced it with tissue paper and tin foil with boobs, and hoped we wouldn't notice.

Notable for being the only film that I could talk about its flaws for longer than the film actually lasted. Probably several times as long as the film lasted. For the present, however, I'm just looking for the brain bleach.

0/10 would not bang.