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Cheesy, but entertaining
Too be completely honest, I see this film as a comedy. At moments, I thought that it was some sort of parody of the stories written by Stephen King.

"Quitters, Inc." was the most absurd and random of the three stories.

Everything was so cheesy and over the top in that part of the movie, but that's the main reason of why it was so funny to watch. I can even picture "Quitters, Inc." as being the plot of one South Park episode due the absurdity of it.

The second story, "The Ledge", was the most boring one, in my opinion. It had a couple of funny moments, but I found it to be completely forgettable for most part.

The third story, "General" was the most interesting one, without being so cheesy as "Quitters, Inc." Even when it could be seen as something dated by modern viewers, I think it is still worth-watching. I liked the idea of one cat being the hero of the story, opposed to the tired cliché of the "Evil Cat", which became so common in cartoons and horror films. The Troll character reminded me of the movie "Gremlins", and yet, I think that it was one of the most interesting characters from this film, which were mostly stereotypes.

"Cat's Eye" without being a masterpiece, at least provides a decent amount of entertainment value to be watchable.
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