Reviews: Beethoven

Big Dog Breaks The Aesop

I tell myself it's aimed at an age group not mine, even when the series was new. I tell myself slapstick like this is funny to some, and I shouldn't judge. But I can't get past the whole idea that the father characters are these mean/repressed/misguided villains in need of redemption, simply because they object to the the presence of a dog this destructive. The mother characters are modern women, not housewife stereotypes of the past, yet the immense amount of money Beethoven sucks in by his sheer presence seems utterly lost on them as well. Nor is Dad permitted to be upset when lied to, tricked, and occasionally insulted by his own family. This is like Ray on Real Ghostbusters for Slimer - the family are enablers to this self-inflicted catastrophe. I get why it isn't for me. But in this case, I can honestly say, I can't see how its really for anyone.