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distance between us review
This is, hands down, my favorite Byakuya/Renji fic. It's not a cutesy get-togeather fic; this is a fic about two really powerful and strong willed people who have different goals and a lot of sexual tension. It's got excellent writing, and while the point of the story is mainly delightful feels and tension, there's enough action to keep it from feeling simply masturbatory. Also, Renji, gasp, actually has friends outside of Byakuya! And they, gasp, do stuff in his life! The scene where he gets advice for courting Byakuya from Ikkaku, Shunsui, and Zaraki is pretty damn funny, among others. The author also likes to address plot holes and stray plot threads that she sees; there are a couple side fics that are really good as well, such as the Tails of Zabimaru series that looks at Renji in academy; notably, how the hell did he qualify for the advanced classes? Anyway, back to the main review: excellent, well thought out, and there's a lot of pining and sexual tension even when they're finally kind of together, which is exactly how I like it.
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