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Utterly fantastic
This is easily one of the most entertaining fanfics I've ever read. It perfectly captures the spirit of both shows, and the characterizations and dialogue are all spot on. The writing is engaging and hilarious, and the author has been providing updates at a surprisingly brisk pace given how long the chapters are (yet none of it ever feels rushed). Anyone who's a fan of Fi M and/or Total Drama absolutely needs to check this one out.
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Total Win
Warning. This review contains spoilers!

Chapter 1 (Prologue is Chapter 0):

1)Discord forgot about being trolled by Fluttershy. "What are you gonna do? Poke me with your horns? Bat at me with your hooves? Slap me with your wings? Yell at me? Troll me?"

Chapter 2:

1)Rarity changes mind quickly.

2)Celestia is still in mood for "TO THE MOOOONNAAAAAAAA BEEEEEEYEEEETCH!"

3)Spike does everything for Rarity. He even asked if he can carry her but "Rarity stated that she couldn’t ask something like that of him".
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