Reviews: The Very Secret Diary

Canonic and Scary as Hell

The one piece of Harry Potter fan fiction that I believe deserves it's place not in Fanon, but in the Canon continuation of the entire series! Except for a few naming issues it was spot on! Characterization was one of the best I've read to date with very few, if any, Out Of Character moments. The fic perfectly cements Tom Riddle's status as a Complete Monster by having him Mind Rape an eleven year old girl in a far more terrible manner then J.K.Rowling leads us to believe in her original work and he's doing it mostly for kicks, judging by his dialog in the diary. From the compliments and flattery he pays Ginny in the early chapters (or months), to the self-doubt and paranoia he starts to induce in her in the middle of the year, to the literally terrifying dialog and pure High Octane Nightmare Fuel at the few last chapters, in which he threatens and torments her in every way I can think of (and a few I can't!), there isn't a single moment that deserves to be skipped or glossed over. All in all: If you're not twelve when you're reading The Chamberof Secrets, you need to read this before the final confrontation, just to get that extra kick of joy when Riddle gets his butt kicked! It's really gratifying!