Reviews: The Moment It Began

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A Peggy Sue fic with a unique twist for two reasons. Firstly, Severus is the one being sent back in time, not Harry. Secondly, this fic focuses not on using his foreknowledge to win the war, but instead to fix the wreck of his life with his future knowledge. Most of it does not come into play at all until the later parts of the story, at least, except that he is extremely mistrustful of Dumbledore, with good reason. This is a Snape/Lily centric fic, it has some heartbreakingly sad moments Eileen Snape's death and it explores very well what would have happened had Severus chosen his friendship with Lily over those of the nastier Slytherins, and remained good friends throughout their lives in Hogwarts.

The author seems to have nothing to do but go on and on, and the story really seems to slog after the first wedding. And then Tobias Snape kills Voldemort with a handgun. Oh. My. God.

Spooner Wilkins: Loved this fic but was seriously stumped by that one pervasive bump Did no one else react to the fact that muggle civilians, I don't care how central to the plot, have access to firearms? This all takes place in the late '70s in the UK of all places, not even the british police had guns on patrol then unless I'm mistaken.

Anon: Well, there is virtually no chance that Tobias Snape owned that weapon legally, no... but even in '70s England there was a black market for weapons. And we already know he was a disreputable sort.

Anon: What really sells this fic for me is the massive amount of Character Development; not just from Severus and Lily, but from the Marauders as well. Except for Peter Pettigrew, but he has an excuse. There are too many Snape-centric fics out there that are too willing to portray the Marauders as irredeemable instead of the extremely immature teenagers they actually were, so to come across a Snapefic that treats them as human beings is a breath of fresh air.

Anon: Great story, but definite YMMV on the Tobias Snape killing Voldemort thing. Aside from that, quite well-written, though a few of the Lily and Snape scenes feel repetitive, and Lily is slightly too tolerant of Snape's melancholy at times. The best part about it is that the author is one of the few fanfic writers to have a sensible take on literally every character (although Dumbledore is somewhat more manipulative than in canon, he's basically portrayed as a good guy), INCLUDING the Marauders. The plot is exceptionally well-structured, everybody's in character and has motivations that follow logically from there, and the author doesn't whine ad nauseum about canon events s/he dislikes. For those reasons alone, easily worth reading.

Your Average Snape Lily Fic

Lotta questionable decisions made by the writer. I get the feeling they don't particularly like fantasy which begs the question, why write fanfiction for a fantasy series.

If you like Snape/Lily fix fics read it, otherwise skip it. There's not a whole lot else there.