Reviews: The Full Metal Bitch

It tries to hard. And it just fails.

Honestly, this "tough toph" is two things:

a) Weaker than the canon one. (she can't bend sand or truly see with vibration, like Toph demonstrated in the Phoenix King)
B) A parody of the badass action girl.

And I don't mean an direct parody of the Action girl, like other reviewers are implying. It's like seeing a 12 year old girl trying to be a cold hardass and failing at it, which is ironic since the actual 12 year old was a fascinating amalgamation of a great warrior, a genius and a scared, insecure high born girl. This is just a jackass who try to hard to impress the audience.

Just from the title you know that it's a silly fic. It's not a deconstruction of Fan Wank in the same way that crank is not a deconstruction of action films. It's not even a take that of the Fanon wank since it doesn't use the obvious reasons why toph is so adored (she is strong but not a bully, independient but still in need of others, a genius who can still grow and so on), it doesn't explain its reason well beside a generic backstory and the context is almost offensively badly implemented.

This Toph is offensive, it's rude and just plain unlikable. It's not a bad fic, but a bland one and that just make it worse.

The Full Metal Bitch... showing that Toph, in fact, can't make everything awesome.

Aerodactylus' review

This fic strikes the perfect balance between comedy and in-depth character analysis. Many lampshades are hung, and you might just shed a tear or two for the older Miss Bei Fong.

Kalaong's review

More than anything else, this is an examination of Fan Wank. Go to any Avatar site and you'll find reams of gushing about the unmitigated awesomeness that is Toph Bei Fong. In Full Metal Bitch, Lavanya Six turns Toph Up To Eleven to show that there is such a thing as being too Bad Ass. Underneath it all, even the strongest need love and companionship; call it Glurge if you must, but Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped. This one's for Toph.