Reviews: The Golden Age: Reclamation War

Tristraim's review

It's already at chapter 75. The war is at full swing, tensions are high, and Anyone Can Die is in full effect, with a huge bodycount, including OC's and some canon characters. The story's blossomed into a bigger epic than its prequels, with POV's from both sides of the conflict, expositions of different politics, technologies, and plenty of good fight scenes, mixed in with bits and pieces of life after the Eden Disaster. Expect to cry, laugh, be amazed, feel terror, and much more when you read this story.

Tsukishijin's review

"Fanfic" is quickly becoming a worse word for these stories. While the main characters are ones introduced in Gundam SEED, all of them have undergone such character development that they are indistinguishable from the ones in the original series. Add in better villains, a slew of excellent OC's and impressive science and you have epics on your hands. The story has just begun, but it's already compelling and provides small tastes of the technology that is to come.