Reviews: The Evangelion Matrix and The Eva Matrix Regurgitated


I've been a fan of the Matrix franchise ever since the first movie came out, so this fic seemed like something I'd enjoy. Unfortunately, I didn't even make it halfway through. Basically, this fic is the first Matrix movie, except with NGE and Sailor Moon characters. Dialogue, scenes, and transitions are almost exactly the same as in the movie, with only the barest of changes to accommodate the different characters. I was expecting the fic to try to do something different, following the movie but throwing in some original material to make the character changes make more sense, but such wasn't the case. In short - I got bored, which is a death sentence for anything I'm reading. I may give this another try at some point, but for right now this gets a thumbs down.

Dragon Quest Z's review

Total fun for both stories, but the sequel unfortunately seems to be a Dead Fic. Otherwise a great read. A highlight is in the sequel, where Shinji and Asuka are making love, but we don't see exactly how. The best we can see is that Shinji is dressed as Godzilla and Asuka is dressed as Tokyo.