Reviews: Tempered In Water

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  • Comments: An extremely well put-together fic that takes a good long serious look at what is needed for a Naru/Haku pairing to work. The story actually justifies Haku's apparent genderswap by explaining (and quite convincingly, at that) why she would lie about her gender rather than simply handwaving it like most Fem!Haku fics do. On top of that, the "pairing" is moving at a very realistic pace, which is to say extremely slowly; Naruto is too young for any kind of serious romantic thoughts and Haku is just plain screwed up in the head, so their interactions for now are somewhere between the master/servant status Haku had with Zabuza and a much more ordinary friendship. Definitely worth a look, even if Fem!Haku isn't usually your thing.
    • X Shouldve Died: Worth noting for having one of the best explorations of Sakura, of all people, that I've ever seen.
    • Jomlos: Deserve a page! Wiki Magic, Please!
    • Unclouded TJ: Very good fic and excellent characterization if only it wasn't on the verge of being a Dead Fic.
    • Antiguo: A very good fic but not without its problems. Like many Fics in the net, it tend to postrate Naruto in a pedestal (he is caring, he is smart, he is grown up and very powerful if only people would care blablablah) without pointing or simply scratching his flaws and the way he convinced Haku to join him is equal parts awesome and silly. It also tend to bash Sakura (in the annoying, immature girl) and Sasuke (who is jelaous of Naruto and a complete ungrateful jerkass, forgetting that Sasuke had just sacrificed for him no weeks ago and is, in fact a competent warrior) or that Sarutobi is incomptente Leader, Kakashi is a bad teacher and so on. Its worth the read but many of its thematics are so overused in the communities that it can come as very heavy handed.