Reviews: Team Time

What Highschool AU Wants to Be

There is no Romantic Plot Tumor, there is no cookie cutter plot, there is no sitcom-style bullying, and there is not a single wasted character. When deconstructing High School AUs with 12-year-olds, any of the above would be absolutely crass compared to what happens. Oh, and it's all written by Real Life middle school teachers, telling the story solely from the view of our favorite team of sensei. Who have been turned into battle-hardened veterans by a lower-class, disturbingly unforgiving (and realistic) school system. Then there are the kids they are charged with looking after, who already seem to be veterans in their own right, ignoring their naivety and absolute vulnerability. The whole, epic story actually spans a whole school year, and seems to be composed of almost nothing but moments of heartwarming and funny. And awesome. And if you don't cry by the end, you are a child hater.