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It's not the best
Personally, the idea is good, but it's not very well executed. While the characters are not COMPLETELY OOC, they aren't really IN character, either. What's more, is that the writing style leaves much to be desired.
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What are these other jokers talking about?
Team 8 was one of the first For Want of a Nail fanfictions I ever read for Naruto and it honestly gave me a taste for them. There are several times when I've told friends and family that I prefer this story to canon. It's well thought out, the plot is interesting, the prose is fantastic, and when you read it you feel like something is finally going right for the characters.

Sometimes you don't want to read about the world ending, and even though there are some definite world-ending scenarios in this fic there always seems to be a bright moment of awesome or funny or adorable to sooth your pains away. It is most definitely worth the hours it takes to read.

Most of the complaints of the others be explained by the story's age—it began and was first plotted in 2006 before a lot of plot devices in canon came to light. And if you're really that bothered by a more thoughtful Naruto, why are you reading FWOAN fanfictions to begin with?
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Mixed feelings
On the one hand, I enjoy this story quite a lot. It's solidly written and flows well. On the other hand, the author has changed not only Naruto's circumstances, but his personality. Naruto is impulsive. Just because someone starts paying more attention to him doesn't mean that his basic personality traits are going to change.

ETA: I want to expand on my issues with this fic. My most basic problem is that the change in Naruto's character is too easy. I could buy that he would have an easy time improving his skills with the extra attention, since we've seen he's not afraid of hard work, but his approach to issues should be too ingrained at that age for him to suddenly stop his off-the-cuff responses. But suddenly, he's very controlled and thinking ahead in a way that should be foreign to him. Had we seen more struggles and reversions, I would be much happier with this story.
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