Reviews: Slumber My Darling

kiapet's review

This story is beautiful and remarkably well written. All of the relashionships were believable, touching and well fleshed out. This is by far the best fanfic I have ever read!

The Evil Oboist's review

It's all so wonderfully genuine and human and bittersweet—I knew I was going to cry before the end, but I couldn't hold it in anymore at the moment where Toph's mom tells her, "Toph, the Fire Lord is here to see you," because I knew at that moment, oh my gosh, it really happened. This fic is beautiful and perfect in every way.

Ronka87's review

The progression of the relationship between Toph and Iroh is just beautiful, Toph is very in-character while still maturing into adulthood, and the end is just so, so, so, so, so, so sad. Have tissues at the ready.

Fat Rat's review

This is that rarest of things: A true platonic love story. Very emotional, I cried at the end. It's all from Toph's perspective. Here is a great quote:
"Toph had only a vague idea of what the human form was like. She knew there were four limbs, a head, and a torso. But she had no concept of color, no idea of aesthetics, and no real understanding of facial features. Instead, she tended to see people in terms of earth. Aang was the breeze through the grass, quick and light and airy. Sokka was mud, silly and fun. Katara was flat granite, solid and stable, warm if it was the right time of day and cold if it was the wrong time. Zuko was a landslide, unstable and angry and dangerous, sometimes leaving destruction in his wake, but often awe-inspiring too. Mai was sand, ever shifting and changing whenever Toph tried to get a better grip."