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Very Good
To be blunt: I enjoyed it tremendously.

Blunter: Short. Good.

No, really. Go, read it. It's a very intriguing and promising idea, so what's stopping you?

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One thing can be said about Vathara, with absolute certainty - she knows how to write AU stories with clarity, creativity and plausibility. While this story is only a one shot so far, she has stated her intent to expand on it in the future. It is definitely worth the look, and from the looks of it, may be as good as - if not better - than Vathara's controversial "Embers". So far, it has none of the Wall Bangers which many people, myself included, have noticed, and so far, Zuko is NOT a Sue in either character nor role. This may or may not change in the future, but for now, it's an intriguing and thoughtful premise.
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